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Important dates in civil registration in N.Z.

1848             Registration of European births and deaths commenced

1856            Registration of European births, deaths & marriages became compulsory

1867            First NZ legislation passed providing for divorce

1876            Additional information required for birth and death registrations and some pre-1876

                   district registers moved to custody of Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, Timaru, 

                    Dunedin or Invercargill District Offices.

1880            Additional information required for marriage registrations

1881           Adoption Act

                    1881 - 1895 - under 12 years;

                    1895 - 1939 - under 15 years;

                    1939 - 1970 - under 21 years;

                    1970 to today - under 20 years.

1894            The Legitimation Act passed

1907            Infant Life Protection Act passed

1911            Registration of Maori marriages became compulsory

1912            Additional information required for birth and death registrations

1913            Registration of Maori births and deaths became compulsory

1915            Births of adopted children re-registered under adoptive parents' names

1933            Marriage of people under sixteen years of age prohibited

1952            Registration of European and Maori marriages combined under one system

1953            Changes of name by deed poll registered with the Registrar General

1961            Registration of European and Maori births and deaths combine

1986            Adoption law reform - possibility of access to original birth entries.