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Minutes of Proceedings - Institution of Civil Engineers (England).

Obituaries of Members of the Institution

Indexed by Antonia Jones with the help of members of the NZ Society of Genealogists Hamilton Branch

Years indexed to date : 1880 - 1904

Contents : Summary of obituaries for the Members of the Institution of Civil Engineers of England (does not include Associate members or Graduate members). A brief indication of date and place of birth and death and particulars of occupation where available. Vol. 149 (1901/2) missing.

These obituaries may be obtained in New Zealand through the Interloan system, quoting name, year, volume and page. The Minutes of the Proceedings are presently held at Auckland Public Library, Auckland University Engineering Library, Auckland Institute Museum Library and Christchurch University Engineering Library, though no library has a full set. 

They are available in Australia and Great Britain where they are also accessible through the Interloan system. They may be available in other countries.

The individual obituaries are worth obtaining as they contain very full descriptions of the life and work of the individual, and often list names of parents, and occasionally wives and children. Although the majority of them are British born, there are those born in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India, as well as other distant places. Many of them worked and died in these countries and left family there.

It is hoped that eventually all the obituaries, from 1837 - 1920, will be listed in this format.

Abbreviations used in addition to the Chapman country codes are

appn - apprentice         arch - architect         capt - captain                civ - civil                coas- coastal

Coll - college                  cons - consulting    constr construction    dir - director          dist - district

educ - educated             emig - emigrated      gr - manager                 eng - engineer      min - mining

mun - municipal          nav - naval            Parl - Parliament        prof - professor   rway - railway

 san - sanitary            surv - surveyo          wks - works             emig - emigrated

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