It’s quite unusual to use the post for letters in the modern day. For some couples navigating the etiquette of correctly addressing and delivering wedding invitations is a bit of a head-scratcher.

If you’re in that boat then read on below to find out more about what you should consider.

When should you plan to send?

Ideally your wedding invitations should be sent out up to six to eight weeks before the event to give your guests time to prepare and make plans for your big day. If it’s a destination wedding you might want to make this even earlier and send out your information for RSVP up to twelve weeks before, this will give guests a chance to make an arrangement and respond.

Once you have picked your send out date you should aim to have your stationary ordered and organised up to a month before – don’t leave it all to the last minute. Once your order has been received the sooner you begin to write guest names and package your stationary the better.

You will have a lot to do before your big day, so this is an especially important area to get organised from early on.

Sending your wedding invitations out too late can result in low attendance, which can be disappointing for couples so it’s important to nip this in the bud by getting your announcements out as soon as possible.

Do you need a professional calligrapher?

If you’ve ordered the fancy, formal kind of stationary then chances are your own handwriting is going to look a bit out of place. In this case a professional calligrapher would be the way to go for their stationary. They can do beautiful work after all!

If you’re more of a laidback, casual bride though and your wedding invitations are following suite then a professional calligrapher might not be worth the extra expense. Whilst they can really glamorise any invitation, not all events are formal and require that level of attention to detail in every area. Consider your priorities as a couple and the nature and style of your event.

How should you write guests names?

There are a lot of areas in which etiquette is beginning relax; it’s now quite acceptable to send out wedding invitations online for example. The one area in which etiquette has yet to relax is the naming of guests on your stationary.

Wedding invitations should always be addressed with full names included on them. Social titles are important in this situation and you should avoid nicknames and initials.

It is important for your guests to feel important and valued for your big day, for some relatives the stationary for the big event becomes a keepsake, so getting it right is high stakes.

These events are a big ask of guests and can be considerably expensive to attend, so the small details and thought by hosts are always appreciated.

How should you write addresses?

Addresses should be clearly written with no short-hand, for instance you should write out ‘Street’ instead of ‘St’ and street numbers below twenty should be written out. This is a small etiquette thing but it makes it clear that your event will be an elegant one and helps to prevent your important stationary from being lost in the mail.

What should you do about return addresses?

The best spot to place this is on the back-flap. Follow the style of the address and spell-out the address here as well. It used to be common to emboss but this can be difficult for modern technology to read, so clearly written out as per the address is usually the best way.