Navigating the complex world of wedding etiquette can be exhausting. From the moment the ring is on your finger the wheels are in motion and it’s time to consider how to politely navigate the big day with your guests. Weddings can be sensitive events, one wrong foot and you can burn some serious bridges with friends and family.

If you have questions when it comes to your engagement party invitations then read on below for our advice.

Are engagement party invitations a must?

In short no, a lot of couples are now willing to forgo the announcements and engagement party invitations and settle for modern calls, texts, emails and social media to ask guests to join them. Formal stationary after all can be expensive and there is plenty of time for that when it comes to the save-the-dates and wedding stationary. This is a perfectly fine approach but sometimes formal stationary is the better choice for some couples.

If the guest list is long, made up of relatives who are not so tech savvy, or simply friends who will appreciate pretty stationary then it is well worth it to send them out by snail mail. There are also many very attractive electronic options available that come across as a little less casual then a text but don’t require quite as much effort.

It’s up to the individual couples, the timing of their event and the individual circumstances of their guests to determine what’s right for them.

Does it need to align with the tone of the wedding?

Whilst it’s nice to have all your stationary perfectly aligned across a certain theme or colour scheme, it’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do this. At the engagement party stage you probably won’t have completed much detailed planning, if any, and it’s unlikely you’ll know the small details of how your engagement party invitations and wedding stationary should marry together.

Choose something you like. Even if you think you have it all planned out at this stage, events evolve and you don’t want to end up locked into a theme or colour scheme set in the early planning stages.

A stationary choice that is reflective of you as a couple is the perfect choice. The event should be looked at as a standalone event, a teaser for the wedding later on down the track.

Who should we invite?

The number one rule to follow is that you should not send engagement party invitations to anyone that you do not intend to ask to your wedding. It’s poor etiquette and will make you look like you are being greedy for gifts. Generally these events are usually home-based, so it’s not necessary to ask out-of-towners to attend. It’s nice to extend the gesture if they may want to come, but rude to put the expectation on guests to travel for the event – save that for the wedding day itself!

Asking close friend and relatives who live in the area is usually the best idea. These events to celebrate couples are usually thrown together quickly so it’s no always possible to give a great deal of notice but sending your engagement party invitations as soon as you can is usually much appreciated.

What should the wording include?

Make sure to include all the important details like the name of the couple, date of the event, location and the name of the host and how to RSVP. These events are usually thrown by the bridal group so it’s important that expectations around making the day special for the bride are set early.