Is there any need for wedding invitations anymore? That is the burning questions on the lips of every couple that is to be wed in the next year. Let’s think about it for a second. When one half of the couple got down on their knee, or however they went about a proposal, almost instantly the rest of their friends new as the most important thing was done first, after the yes, the photo was plastered all over social media. Every single site had the same 4 photos, the same caption underneath accompanied by the same emojis with the same hashtags and filters. There was no doubt about it, this couple were engaged to be wed as social media lit up along with varying messaging apps. The diamond ring emoji said as much, as did the not so subtle hand on chest showing off the new diamond. The social media profiles were on public so not only did close friends know, the whole world could find out too, if they cared enough.

Once that was done, the couple texted their family and friends, told them how happy they were, what their plans were and the date of the ceremony. Lock it in they said, it won’t be changing. There, the wedding invitations were administered. A text message is fine, everyone who knows the date is invited, it’s common sense. Maybe a reminder should be sent out within a couple of months of the day but anything other than that is overkill, just a way to show off, nothing more nothing less, unless you are from a bygone era.

Wedding invitations are a thing for the traditionalists these days. The millennials of this world have no idea why we send them anymore. Between 10 and 15 years ago there came a time when nobody knew each other’s address anymore. No longer were people calling home to home, reciting telephone numbers and dialling the same few digits every time you wanted a chat. Those days disappeared and at the same time so should have the need to send wedding invitations. But while we still have parents, aunts and uncles from that era, traditional wedding invitations will continue to be sent. Without doing so, you will leave yourself open to some not so subtle whispering among the family, with the words lazy and cheap bandied about.

You can nearly guarantee that 50% of these environmentally disastrous abominations are sent out just to please parents and their friends. Just like the tradition of a band playing to seated guests finishing off their dinner, spending more than half the time playing to an empty dance floor, it’s not fun for the band nor the guests. But tradition says this is what you must have, and, in some cultures, tradition cannot and will not be forsaken. It is what lives have been built on and wedding invitations are included in that.

It can be said though that wedding invitations are a nice way to make sure you are invited at the same time, adding a bit of class to the process. Messaging apps and social networks are great but not that special way of making the guest feel like they are wanted and needed on the special day. Wedding invitations have that power, the power to make you feel excited. A day when you will reunite with friends from years ago and stories will be told about days gone by. The day will pass in a blur while creating even more memories that will last forever, so maybe without these small cards, the day wouldn’t turn out quite so special