Sending save the date cards is a tradition that is dying out. Before the days of technology encroaching into every part of your life, these reminders were sent the traditional way, by snail mail. Nowadays, more and more are sent by email. Not as classy as before but just as effective and an easy way to save some money and time. Whatever company you use can electronically send save the date cards saving you a trip to the post office. You won’t need to write everyone’s name individually, the company can do that for you, or whatever system they use, can. The thoughts of hand cramp will be enough to force you to enlist the help of this technology company.

However, save the date cards can hold a very special place in people’s minds. They are the invite before the invite, you have one friend who you spent 3 years joined at the hip too in university but since then you talk only once a year as you live on different sides of the planets. You saw their engagements photos on social media and left the congratulations message complete with heart face emoji underneath. You weren’t sure whether this was the right thing to do though. Did it look needy? Did it look like you were angling for an invite, even if you were? Maybe it looked like you were just reminding your friend that you are alive. Either way it was impossible to tell if you were going to be invited or not. You’re sure you were towards the bottom of the list, in the “maybes” section. There were plenty of people you could think of who were going to be ahead of you and there was a high chance that you were going to miss the cut.

Save the date cards can look different depending on who is sending them, the overall theme of the wedding and how much say the parents of the bride and groom have on proceedings. If both families are traditional, and have money to burn, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be receiving save the date cards a year in advance. Even if you live on the other side of the world, you’ll find one lying in your mail box. The thought of flying all the way home for a wedding doesn’t really excite but it must be done if they are putting in this much effort.

If the family behind the husband and wife-to-be are a little more laid back, anything goes. The chances of sending save the date cards are 50:50 at best. Everything is done through social media or email these days so sending them through this medium makes more sense the non-traditionalist family. If older guests are invited, there’s a chance they may receive something through snail mail but even then, there is no guarantee. Summer weddings are very popular all over the world, so save the date cards can hold an important function in securing guests. There would be nothing more embarrassing than your big day clashing with another friend’s wedding, and most of your guests going to that one as they were told to keep that particular day free well in advance. It could possibly ruin what is supposed to be the greatest day of your life.

Save the date cards still have a function in society, but they are becoming less prevalent as time goes on. Physical pieces of paper imploring you to keep a day free even less so as technology takes over all aspects of wedding planning. Whether this is for good or bad is a matter of opinion.