Shoppers who are on the lookout for a new born baby hamper will be spoiled for choice when it comes to varieties and options.

From grandparents to brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles, cousins, close friends, neighbours and anyone who wants to celebrate this occasion, there are ways and means of finding a hamper that is just right.

When shoppers scour the big retail outlets and more humble local stores who provide handcrafted goods packaged for the new mum and their son or daughter, it can be hard to know what to lookout for.

Are these items packaged and produced purely for stock quantity or are there small details that change to give the consumer more range for choice?

It is worthwhile taking some time to consider what will be included in these hampers and what tips should be taken onboard to source a product that will provide short and long-term value.

Not Overtly Extravagant Presentation

Recipients and buyers alike do best with a new born baby hamper when they are cost effective and simple. Overloading a new mum with large and costly items can be overwhelming and if they are not exactly to the taste of the recipient, then that is an investment that has gone to waste. This is where a presentation that is neat and compact is ideal because it can still showcase what is included in the packaging and within the contents of the basket, but without going over the top.

Photo Book Inclusion

Mum and dad will want to document the progression of their child as they grow up and fondly remember the first few months of their son or daughter’s life. A new born baby hamper can include a photo book to give the parents a chance to catalogue these moments, offering something tangible that is not simply posted to social media.

Mixture of Practical and Sentimental

Whilst a plush little teddy bear will be an item that can be sentimental and loved by the child for years to come, a new born baby hamper should also offer a large dose of practicality for the mum. Parents in NSW do receive a $150 government grant, but these goods will run out in due course. Ensure that the package includes a mixture of bibs, wipes, blankets, dummy chains nappy creams or a combination.

Bright Colours

There are certain norms and conventions that are included with a new born baby hamper when bought from a retail store. Most of those will derive from two distinct colour choices, linking to the two genders – blue for boys and pink for girls. The fact of the matter is any bright colours are ideal for infants as they can avoid being lost in the wash or when the little one is on the move. It also exudes a warmth just from looking at the aesthetics and there is a wide range of choice from bright reds and greens to yellow or orange. White is a colour that can be tricky for mums and dads when it comes to common stains, so best to avoid those clothing products where possible.

Including Gifts For Mum

From a champagne bottle to a box of chocolates, a new born baby hamper should be an item that give mum just as much lavish joy as it does for the child. After enduring the labor process where there is a great deal of physical, mental and emotional exhaustion, this should be a delivery that gives her a genuine treat to sit back, relax and enjoy the offerings.


Hopefully these tips will help shoppers in the direction of a quality new born baby hamper. Whilst there will be trends and changes instigated from these outlets who craft the packages, these are classifications and styles that are universal. Buy a hamper that is practical but fruitful and can benefit both the infant and the mum.