Wondering about what to include in your present to the new parents and their newborn? Read on below to find out about the best items to include in any baby gift hamper in Sydney.


Rattles are one of the most important first toys your little one can have. These simple little toys can help to develop fine motor skills and the hearing senses. Rattles teach your new child about correlating noises to actions and allow them to grip.

They come in especially handy when your little one begins to teeth, impressively playing double duty as a teething toy.

Rattles come in all shapes and sizes; there are endless varieties to suit every family. It is important to remember that non all babies respond to the same thing. Some may really enjoy a noisy rattle whilst other will not, which is why it’s always nice for parents and newborns to be given new options. They make a creative addition to baby gift hampers in Sydney.

For an extra special touch why don’t you find a locally handmade rattle – there are some beautiful option out there by Australian designers utilising the resources and materials of our own country.


Whilst some parents may make the choice to go without pacifiers, others will not and you can bet that they will go through a lot of them. Pacifiers are one of those small items that are very easy to lose. They’ll disappear under car seats, be spat out in restaurants, find their way into toy boxes and just generally end up everywhere they shouldn’t!

They’re actually very inexpensive and make a very practical addition to any baby gift hamper in Sydney.


A cute outfit is always appreciated by new parents and a great way to make a standout baby hamper in Sydney. Newborns grow incredibly quickly and will outgrow clothes in a matter of weeks, so a steady supply of outfits on hand for every size will save parents considerable money and time. It’s always great to be prepared for the day that the newborn goes up a size.

Infants also go through a lot of clothes during the day – they’re messy! So the more outfits new parents have on hand the better!

You can make an outfit really personal by purchasing it in blue, pink and yellow colour schemes, or in cute patterns, or with the new additions name printed on it.


To protect their new outfits, a bib is an absolutely essential addition to baby gift hampers in Sydney. Infants are very messy and a bib can help to protect their clothes from food spill and stains. This makes a very practical addition to any present and will be most appreciated by inner-city mum’s who want their little one to look neat after a visit to the local café.


Another very practical present is little socks for the newborn. During the winter Australia’s biggest city can get quite cold so this makes an excellent addition for baby gift hampers in Sydney.

It’s one of those clothing items that parents might forget to buy or not buy enough of but is very important to the well-being of the newborn. A thoughtful present of socks will not go unnoticed by grateful parents who will be glad the small details are being taken care of by friends and family.


If they’re having a little girl then parents will be excited about accessorising, adding some cute headbands, bracelets or other girly items to baby gift hampers in Sydney adds a bit of creativity and excitement to the present.